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Youtube Inspiration

Youtube Inspiration

Below is a collection of Youtube videos which I’m sure will help inspire you in some way.

Some things will be BJJ related and some wont be, have a look and feel free to suggest anything which you think will benefit the rest of us.



1. Marcelo Garcia Highlight Video

For those not in the know Marcelo Garcia is a fantastic bastion of conceptual BJJ. He is a delight to watch and this highlight video will quickly educate you on aspects of conceptual BJJ. If you’re interested in checking out more of Marcelo click here.

2. Marcelo Garcia talks about his training

From Art Suave, Marcelo reveals his ideas on tactics and strategy whilst rolling in the gym. His ideas about developing a plan B game is something we can all learn from.


3. Christian Graugart’s Plan B Game

Before this page turns into Marcelo Garcia’s unofficial fansite, I’ve got one more clip. Instead of being Marcelo directly – it’s Christian Graugart’s interpretation of Garcia’s philosophy on tappping people out in training.

A great video about developing a plan B/Submission chaining game and also building more of an intelligent training ethos.

Note: Is it me or does Christian’s gym have a bowling alley?

If you’re interested in checking out more of Chritians’s BJJ theories and you should check out his Blog.

4. Eddie Bravo talks about ‘The Squeeze’

Ok, before I tell you about this clip please note – Eddie mentions Marcelo Garcia.

On a serious note; Eddie’s anecdotal regalement of the importance of looking at aspects of techniques and tightening them up, is a conceptual dream.

5. Garry Kasparov talks to Chalie Rose

Garry speaks candidly about Chess, his political plans for Russia and his book – ‘How life imitates chess’. A great interview where Garry talks how chess can be used to help our decision making process and how a strong rivalary can boost your ability to perform.

6. BJ Penn and Leo Veira rolling

A rare chance to see two great black belts just having a roll. The majority of the clip involves passing vs. sweeping from both guys and its really nice to see how conceptually solid their games are. I mean that’s a given really but sometimes its hard to see it in competition etc.

Its of value to note how neither ever lets the other get two far ‘gone’ and always looks to recover before going again. This is perfect conceptual Tidal motion in action and something which seperates good BJJ guys and really good BJJ guys.

7. Jaguar vs. Anaconda (No Spoilers)

From the blog entry of the same name, the video depicts an epic struggle between a jaguar and an anaconda.

The idea that the snake wants to keep/bring the fight into the water and the Jaguar wants the complete opposite, with the winner being the one who keeps the fight where they want it, is the concept at hand.

In this case the Jaguar managed to keep the fight on land stopping the snake using its tools of surprise and superior ability in the water, so winning and killing the snake.

If on the other hand the snake had managed to keep the jaguar in the water I’m near certain that the result would have been the opposite.

For a more detailed analysis see the blog by clicking here.

8. Ginastica Natural movements

I’m sure most of you by now will have heard of Prof. Alvaro Ramano’s Ginastica Natural, if you haven’t its basically a fusion of BJJ and Yoga.

Alvaro is a BJJ black belt who has trained with some of the best ever mainly the likes of Rolls and Rickson Gracie to name a few and has been making waves with his sytem over the last 20 years in Brasil.

His movements and exercises can be used as a warm up, warm down or to directly supplement your training.

I’ve been working his warm ups/downs for the past few months and I couldn’t believe the effectiveness of them. So whether you’re just intrigued or need a new warmup – check out the video and Alvaro’s DVD’s.

For those not in the know this is Masakazu Imanari:

AND Takumi Yano

V for Vendetta opening speech to Evey.

Stephen Kesting RNC tutorial – Fantastic display of Kesting’s intricate knowledge of BJJ/Grappling.

Dr Steve Brule’s – Last resort martial art. Tim and Eric (and obviously John C Reilly) are massively underated.


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