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22. Off The Mat Pursuits #3 Enjoy other hobbies and activities that will help your BJJ October 28, 2008

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Some of the more long term readers of this site will remember my Off The Mat Pursuits series, well its back with – #3 – Enjoy other hobbies and activities that will help your BJJ.

Some people lift weights, do kettle bell, watch hundreds of grappling videos, read books, swim, write blogs, play chess, do yoga, Ginastica Natural and a million other things that will directly help your BJJ training, some without realising it.

So today’s article is based around the idea that other things in your life can transfer over and boost your BJJ game.

I’ve never been one for the gym, so my gym of choice is the local climbing centre. I go once a week and find so many crossovers with grappling. The first is the problem solving element that comes from having to plan routes, figure out problems and also adapt to situations as they arise. For me this aspect of climbing has really developed my thought process on the mat with an increase in a more methodical approach to say guard passing for example. (more…)

17. Off the mat pursuits #2 Commit to your training February 5, 2008

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I’m a great believer in Thomas Edison’s quote: Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

Not being the most talented or natural grappler, scholar, writer, chess player….(the list goes on) I’ve always had to substitute talent with hard work but it has always seen me right.

So the second instalment of off the mat pursuits isn’t work hard as that’s obvious, but be totally committed to your training.

There are different levels of commitment from part-time hobbyist to professional full time athlete but putting in the appropriate level of commitment is something which a lot of BJJ athletes fall short on.

On the face of things it might seem like I’m talking about training consistently and I am, but I’m also talking about what happens when you’re: ill, injured, late, not in the mood or not quite 100%. (more…)

16. Off the mat pursuits #1 Decision Trees January 26, 2008

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TreeWhether a coach, a BJJ athlete or both, Decision Trees are a good off the mat pursuit to use and also to share.

In there basic form they map out pathways, avenues and eventualities throughout a series of events. This is something which you can use in your everyday BJJ training to problem solve and shortcut decision making.

As I talked about in the article React rather than Recall I covered the idea of limiting hesitation with reactionary tactics and decision trees are almost a pre-cursor and commensurate off the mat pursuit which will bed in the ideas covered in the article. (So if you’ve not read the article check it out and if you have you might want to re-read it after this one for a different comprehension of the initial idea covered)

So, if we take a basic overview of BJJ and condense it quixotically into a decision tree we get something which looks like this: (more…)

15. Off the mat pursuits January 23, 2008

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cross word
I’m a great believer in the idea that you can boost your BJJ development off the mat.

There are a whole range of things that you can do, some quite obvious and some bizarrely oblique and I’m going to document them on here one at a time.

Each blog entry will focus on a particular pursuit/activity/idea and how it has helped my training and most importantly my development.

I think that whether you’re training 7 days a week at a full time BJJ/MMA academy or only sporadically this series will hopefully be useful.

So look out for entries coming your way soon.

Adam Adshead

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