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Looking for a BJJ/Grappling club in Stockport/Macclesfield? November 23, 2008

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join us

Although we’ve been open since March it’s only now that we’re opening the doors to the world after a period of: consolidation, re-grouping, re-associating and training on limited mat space.

So if you’re a fan of ConceptualBJJ.com and looking for a BJJ / grappling club in the Stockport / Macclesfield area, then drop on by or get in touch.

Factory BJJ

Class times:

Tuesday – Gi 7.30-9.30pm

Friday – No Gi – 7.30-9.30pm

Saturday – Open Mat 12-2pm (Gi, No Gi or a mix)


Hulleys Gym (AstraZeneca – Gym AZ)

Silk Rd Business Park

Charter Way

Macclesfield (Just outside Stockport)


SK10 2NG

(At the desk say you’re here for the ‘Martial Arts’ class in the studio and they’ll let you through)

Contact us at Info [@] FactoryBJJ.com or phone Adam Adshead on 07910 580 244 for more details.

25. Things I learnt from – Chris Haueter #2 – There is a huge difference between having something (i.e a grip, hook etc) and actually using it properly. November 17, 2008

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Things I learnt from – Chris Haueter #2 -There is a huge difference between having something (i.e a grip, hook etc) and actually using it properly.


There is an old phrase that goes:

‘Neither use, nor ornament’ – that is used to describe something as having no functional use or aesthetic qualities.

Now what Chris Haueter plus Darren and Helen Currie have taught me is the importance – grips, hooks, positions etc have in being both useful and also ornamental (Technically sound).

Well kind of, it boils down to the fact that there is a big difference between having something and actually using it.

For example if you take a collar grip – all you’re doing is holding a bit of cloth but when you start to use it – say pull, push, twist, turn it, all of a sudden it has value and use.

The same can be said for (more…)

23. Things I learnt from – Chris Haueter November 13, 2008

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Last week I had the pleasure of training twice and having a roll with the legendary Chris Haueter. It was a privilege to host him at our gym and we all learnt soo much.

So in this mini-article I’m going to give you an overview of Things I learnt from – Chris Haueter. I will then expand some of the points into separate entries with photos, explanation and video where appropriate.

So here we go – Things I learnt from Chris Haueter:

  1. Starting a roll from your knees isn’t as useful as starting it in different positions.

  2. Americans like to whine if they’re injured, whilst Brits are ‘Stoic’ and soldier on regardless. (Chris’s words not mine)

  3. There is a huge difference between having something (i.e a grip, hook etc) and actually using it properly.

  4. The goal of sport BJJ is to win and the goal of BJJ as an art is to be as smooth as possible.

  5. Chris Haueter is pure awesomeness!

New Contact Email Address March 19, 2008

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MailJust a quick post to let you all know that from now on you can contact me at Info [@] ConceptualBJJ.com

I’ve got round to setting up the account, so if you want to contact me about anything please feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks guys.

Adam Adshead


Something old, something new… March 5, 2008

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…something borrowed, something blue.

Marrying the old athlete’s with a new venue, under a new name became reality today with the first session at Factory BJJ.

The sparkling blue mats kindly donated by Revolution’s Phil Wright were laid out for the opening session and fun was had by all.

With the small talk out of the way the training began with a Ginastica Natural inspired warm-up .

Ginastica Natural - Factory BJJ

After everyone was warm and with it being the first session we just had a relaxed open mat rolling session. (more…)

New beginnings March 2, 2008

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Yesterday March the 1st marked the herald of some new beginnings, which I’ve deemed blog worthy.NEWS

The first was the successful opening session of Factory BJJ.

After the closure of the BJJ/Wrestling program at our now old gym, we as a collective decided to continue our training under a new name and at a new venue.

With only a short period of time to get things set up, yesterday we finally made it and with only 12 hours downtime between clubs, I think we did alright.

We sold all the t-shirts we had made, we got a really good turnout and made enough money to cover almost the whole of the months clubs costs.

So thanks again to everyone involved for participating, helping out and being so positive and supportive.

The second item of news is that (more…)

Factory BJJ commemorative T-Shirt *SOLD OUT* February 28, 2008

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To commemorate the inception of Factory BJJ on Saturday 1st March, we are pleased to announce the release of a limited edition t-shirt.Factory bjj

In a stylish industrial ash grey, the front is adorned with the Factory BJJ logo and the back has a small message to mark the occasion.

At just £10 each the short run of Small, Medium and Large shirts are available from Wednesday March 5th.

Update: NOW Available – Hurry while stocks last.

Update: SOLD OUT

The only stipulation of purchasing a t-shirt is that you have to of actually trained at the Factory during the first month of us opening. The idea is that people who actually own one of these t-shirts will always be part of the early history of Factory BJJ– Sorry.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

I will be designing an open market t-shirt and possibly rash guard in the near future which will be available to everyone, so if you’re interested please keep checking back.

Factory T-shirts


Away Notice – Setting up my own gym February 23, 2008

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As you many of noticed I haven’t posted since ealry February and there is reason for that. Apart from being more hard working than James Brown, I’ve been really busy setting up a new BJJ club.Factory bjj

With some restructuring at the club I train at, most crucially the closure of the BJJ/Wrestling program, I/we’ve been occupied trying to make a transition between venues.

So bare with me, as with our last session at Revolution coming this coming Friday our first session at the new club is the next day. (Less than 12 hours down time)

So although at the moment the blog is a little sparse, the opportunity at the new club will mean more coaching opportunities and thus more: blogs, videos and photos.

Do bare with me while I make this transition and you will definitely see an influx of material over the coming months.

Take care

Adam Adshead and all at Factory BJJ.