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20. ‘Grappling is a rubix cube, the tighter you hold it the harder it is to solve’ October 17, 2008

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Recently I’ve had the pleasure of attending a friend of mines grappling for MMA classes so I can tweak and add bits to the already stellar coaching.

Apart from being a lot of fun, it has sparked a lot of thoughts about Conceptual BJJ.

The first thought surrounds the idea of using too much strength when you first start grappling. It’s only natural and although it can be difficult to play against, it’s something that people need to get past before their game will open up and progress beyond a basic level.

So this had me thinking on how I could explain the idea of toning down the strength game for the greater good of your grappling and I came up with this:

‘Grappling is a rubix cube, the tighter you hold it the harder it is to solve’

So if you’re coaching or rolling with people with a tendency to go mini-hulk on you,  rather than tackle grappling with a more intelligent outlook, use this analogy. You all know how complex both grappling and doing a rubix cube is and if you try doing either with white knuckles you’ll struggle to get anywhere close to solving the puzzle.

Spread the gospel.

Adam Adshead

18. The Luck Factor and BJJ (An Introduction) May 30, 2008

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It’s been a while…but I’m back from the future with a new mini-series in the form of video articles.

As promised I’m documenting my interpretations of Prof. Richard Wiseman’s – The Luck Factor, with BJJ.

The first video is an introduction before we get down to the nitty gritty.

The next video with be posted online within a few days and subsequent videos on a weekly basis thereafter.

Thanks for sticking around and emailing me berating me to publish more stuff for ConceptualBJJ.com. Remember, without you guys, I’d just keep all this stuff in my head tightly sealed away forever.

Thanks again,

Adam Adshead

10. Question not what you know, but your reason for questioning. November 19, 2007

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I was watching the Simpsons in Spanish the other day (yes, I do that kind of thing sometimes) and it got me thinking that even though my Spanish is weak that I could still understand what was going on because of the context of the situation.

Even without any knowledge of the Simpsons or of Spanish, because of the brain’s ability to adapt, second guess, assume and fill in the gaps you could watch a whole episode and be able to tell someone what had gone on.

To a degree the foundations of animation and the structure of children’s TV aid that ability massively. For instance, you can watch any kids TV show and there will be an edit/cut every second or so to keep the kids attention focused.

In terms of training I think that people worry way too much about trying to answer every physical question (i.e. a successful sweep) with an opposing answer. (i.e. retaining position/guard)

Obviously you want to do well but if you get swept, passed or submitted a lot of people think that it’s because you haven’t got the right answers, when actually it might just be that the other person had an unanswerable question with their positioning, foresight, ability and/or experience. (more…)

9.Chess is to BJJ what writing is to thought. October 31, 2007

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Chess in the Philippines

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very complicated chaotic thing. The amount of possibilities from any one position and subsequent positions is staggering. Add to this counters, escapes, experience and chaotic synergy and this level of complication multiplies almost infinitely.

So trying to prescribe a conceptual understanding of such an unpredictable organism seems like a near impossible task.

Making this increasingly difficult; people speak different languages, have different learning styles, use varying terminology for the same thing (side control, cross side, side mount) and most importantly understand things on differing levels.

As a result I believe that using the game of chess to convey my concepts and theories is an appropriate platform to transcend the differences mentioned above.

Chess just isn’t another love of mine which I’m trying to crowbar into articles; it really is a great tool for understanding conceptual BJJ. I believe that Chess is to conceptual BJJ what writing is to thought. (more…)

8. In the spider web of facts, many a truth is strangled. October 20, 2007

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Spider web

Picture credit
I was sat in the garden yesterday and I saw the most inspiring piece of natural engineering, a spider web.

It was fairly big but the astounding part was the mechanics of how it must have bridged this gap between my fence and the side of my house. I’m not the most technically minded person but I really struggle to envisage how a tiny spider could make such an effective trap over two distant points.

This got me thinking how it relates to BJJ and remarkably it does.

Everyone knows what a spider web looks like but what struck me about this web were all the little extra bits that the spider needed to construct to keep the web functional and effective – little off shoots and structures to keep everything together.

It’s these extra bits which really define whether the web survives or not and it’s the extra bits of your game which determine if you’ll survive something more deadly than wind and rain and that is change. (more…)

7. Can having holes in your socks help your training? October 16, 2007

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Photo Credit (It’s not my toe by the way)

Have you ever looked down at your one of you socks and wondered why one had a hole in and the other didn’t? Or subsequently that the said hole was created by your toe to escape?

If not then you obviously don’t have a very vivid imagination, jovial ambiguity or maybe you just don’t have holes in your socks. The point I’m making is that sometimes it’s worth looking at things from a different angle and not assuming that the obvious is the right or wrong answer.

Guided by opulence and a hunger for shiny techniques a lot of athlete’s magpie themselves whole arsenals of submissions, sweeps, combinations, throws etc which is great but the problem is that athletes can then train with Negative attachment. What I’m talking about is that almost all athletes at one time or another roll, spar and sometimes even drill with this ominous cloud of negativity and without knowing it this pervasive mindset can severely affect your training. (more…)

6. Jaguar vs. Anaconda (No spoilers) October 16, 2007

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Photo credit

6. Jaguar vs. Anaconda

I stumbled across the clip below on Youtube whilst looking for another clip of an Anaconda constricting its prey. The reason for such a search was because my earliest conceptual idea for BJJ came whilst watching a wildlife show. (more…)

3. Background to my Conceptual Understanding of BJJ October 8, 2007

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Before we start getting into deep philosophical debates about Conceptual BJJ, I thought I’d formally dispel any pretension surrounding my pedigree as an ‘expert’ on conceptual BJJ.

I believe that whether you’ve been training for months or years you can bring something to the table in terms of understanding anything and that’s why I started this Blog.

I don’t believe to be an expert but I do have ideas, thoughts and a belief in my understanding, so please bear this in mind. I’m still learning and although I feel compelled to share my thoughts, do understand that they’re still in the early stages of development.

I actively encourage that whoever you are that you can help me, and in turn yourself, build a greater understanding of your game.

So get involved and let me know what you think.

Adam Adshead