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Away Notice – Setting up my own gym February 23, 2008

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As you many of noticed I haven’t posted since ealry February and there is reason for that. Apart from being more hard working than James Brown, I’ve been really busy setting up a new BJJ club.Factory bjj

With some restructuring at the club I train at, most crucially the closure of the BJJ/Wrestling program, I/we’ve been occupied trying to make a transition between venues.

So bare with me, as with our last session at Revolution coming this coming Friday our first session at the new club is the next day. (Less than 12 hours down time)

So although at the moment the blog is a little sparse, the opportunity at the new club will mean more coaching opportunities and thus more: blogs, videos and photos.

Do bare with me while I make this transition and you will definitely see an influx of material over the coming months.

Take care

Adam Adshead and all at Factory BJJ.


Away Notice – Working Away December 19, 2007

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Hey guys,

I’m away from my computer for a couple of days and as ever would like to inform you of my departure.

Unfortunately, my absence from home means I also miss training on Wednesday (the first session I’ve missed all year) but I’m on a course for work and its totally unavoidable.

I’m working on a few things to post up before the end of 2007, so comeback soon for more Conceptual BJJ madness.

Take care.



Away Notice – Exams November 6, 2007

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Hey people,

Just so you know I won’t be posting on this blog between now the 6th of November and the 15th of November.

I’m taking three of my NCTJ exams next week and am locking myself away for some final revision. Ok, I’m still training and such but won’t be updating this blog till at least the end of next week, as it serves as a terrible outlet for procrastination.

The reason I’m posting this notice is that I hate it when I visit sites/blogs and they don’t update them for ages. So, for the more regular visitors (Not the hundreds who find this blog looking for Gary Coleman or Maurits Cornelis Escher) I thought I’d be courteous enough to let you know what was happening.

In the mean time enjoy the video below of Mr Bean and hope I don’t have to do what he did during his exam.

Till next time.

Adam Adshead