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Contents Page

Contents Page

Blog entries

1. Welcome to Conceptual BJJ

2. Introduction to BJJ and Conceptual Thinking

3. Background to my Conceptual Understanding of BJJ

4. Where does inspiration come from?

5. From Gary Coleman to Garry Kasparov

6.Jaguar vs. Anaconda (No Spoilers)

7. Can having holes in your socks help your training?

8. In the spider web of facts, many a truth is strangled.

9. Chess is to BJJ what writing is to thought.

Away notice – Exams

10. Question not what you know, but your reason for questioning.

11. First SIM City now SIM BJJ

The BJJ Blog of the year awards

12. Chess is in its essence a game, in its form an art and in its execution a science

13. Video 1. Tidal Motion – Contact for password


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Escher Reptile



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