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About Me

about me

My Name is Adam Adshead and I’m the face behind ConceptualBJJ.com

I started this blog to basically help document and illustrate my ideas and training in BJJ. I only ever planned on it being a personal thing as a reference for the guys at my club and those who know me around the world at various clubs.

Gracefully, the early response and feeback I’ve had from other BJJ bloggers and athletes has really spurned me on to expand my blog into a public resource and act as an orderly member of the BJJ online community.

So thanks to everyone who has sent me a message of support and please continue to do that if you like what you see.

Background Information

To start with, I’m not the a huge MMA / UFC fan or knowledge fountain. Not that I disaprove of it, I just want to make it clear that my ideas are very much about BJJ and Submission Grappling not MMA. I do still follow the results and watch events when I get the chance and I certainly know my Tito Ortiz‘s from Masakazu Imanari‘s, but if you’re looking for a more MMA related site, check out Sherdog or UFC.tv

Training History

In terms of training, on Valentines day 2008 I will have been training 4 years and I can’t believe how quick that will have gone.

I’m officially the 2nd worst person to have ever taken up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (After Matt from Martial Farts in Japan) but have worked really hard translating what works ‘by doing everything WRONG and then figuring out the obscure details of things’ in conjunction with some great coaching and training partners.

In July 2007 I got my Purple belt and since then have really started formulating my ideas and concepts.

I coach at Factory BJJ, where all of my conceptual ideas are created, aired and developed by a great bunch of guys.

I’m available for BJJ/Submission Grappling privates, small group sessions, workshops and seminars and can be booked via the contact details below.

Personal Life

In the day, I’m currently:


I’m an ardent vegetarian, collect late renaissance looking prints and love charity shops. In my spare time I like playing chess, reading Russian fiction and drinking camomile tea. (Sometimes at the same time)

Feel free to contact me through this blog via the contact form below and I reply to every email I get sent, usually within 12hrs. (Sometimes a lot quicker, as I’m online a lot)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please leave messages/requests/suggestions in the box below and click submit or email me at

Info [@] ConceptualBJJ.com


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