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23. Things I learnt from – Chris Haueter November 13, 2008

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Last week I had the pleasure of training twice and having a roll with the legendary Chris Haueter. It was a privilege to host him at our gym and we all learnt soo much.

So in this mini-article I’m going to give you an overview of Things I learnt from – Chris Haueter. I will then expand some of the points into separate entries with photos, explanation and video where appropriate.

So here we go – Things I learnt from Chris Haueter:

  1. Starting a roll from your knees isn’t as useful as starting it in different positions.

  2. Americans like to whine if they’re injured, whilst Brits are ‘Stoic’ and soldier on regardless. (Chris’s words not mine)

  3. There is a huge difference between having something (i.e a grip, hook etc) and actually using it properly.

  4. The goal of sport BJJ is to win and the goal of BJJ as an art is to be as smooth as possible.

  5. Chris Haueter is pure awesomeness!


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