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22. Off The Mat Pursuits #3 Enjoy other hobbies and activities that will help your BJJ October 28, 2008

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Some of the more long term readers of this site will remember my Off The Mat Pursuits series, well its back with – #3 – Enjoy other hobbies and activities that will help your BJJ.

Some people lift weights, do kettle bell, watch hundreds of grappling videos, read books, swim, write blogs, play chess, do yoga, Ginastica Natural and a million other things that will directly help your BJJ training, some without realising it.

So today’s article is based around the idea that other things in your life can transfer over and boost your BJJ game.

I’ve never been one for the gym, so my gym of choice is the local climbing centre. I go once a week and find so many crossovers with grappling. The first is the problem solving element that comes from having to plan routes, figure out problems and also adapt to situations as they arise. For me this aspect of climbing has really developed my thought process on the mat with an increase in a more methodical approach to say guard passing for example.

The second benefit for me is the workout, particularly on your grip. As we all know grappling is a great all over body workout, but doing a few things off the mat can really benefit you on it.

I’ve noticed a lot more endurance in my grip, arms and legs which means that I can roll for longer at an efficient level.

Stephen Kesting has the right idea and I think his video on pull ups for grappling is fantastic, check it out:

As I’ve talked about before these ‘Off the mat’ ideas are beneficial for everyone. Not everyone trains BJJ 7 days a week; maybe they’ve not got the time or money, or maybe you want to go above and beyond what your club offer and really actualise your potential. Regardless, try and explore the different things out there that can improve you BJJ game, maybe not climbing but other things like Yoga for flexibility, reading to broaden the mind or anything you see fit.

Remember you don’t need to be grappling to improve your grappling.

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