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Nuggets of advice by Aesopian March 13, 2008

Posted by Adam Adshead in Aesopian, BJJ, Conceptual BJJ, Inspiration.
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In absence of time to write a full or partially original entry, I thought I’d post a link to a post which I think every BJJ practitioner/coach and school should adopt.Light bulb

Some what of a cop out but I’ve been sitting on the post for a while and now is a perfect time to share it

Titled ‘Nuggets of advice’ and written by Matt Kirtley (Aesopian) I think once you’ve read it you’ll agree that you should endeavour to adopt at least all of the points he makes.

I’m a big fan of Aesopian and I think this entry sums up his attitude to training which matches mine completely. (In fact I think he stole this article from my brain, although I have no proof)

So enjoy the advice and expect a piece on Guard Passing Vs. Sweeping theory with pretty photos and complex words before Christmas 2009.

Till then,

Adam Adshead

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1. Matt Kirtley - May 5, 2008

Just noticed you linked to this. My brain scraping methods are top secret. Finally fixed my blog and posted new content today. I’ll be putting up stuff all week. Hope you enjoy it too.

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