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Away Notice – Setting up my own gym February 23, 2008

Posted by Adam Adshead in Away Notices, BJJ, Factory BJJ.
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As you many of noticed I haven’t posted since ealry February and there is reason for that. Apart from being more hard working than James Brown, I’ve been really busy setting up a new BJJ club.Factory bjj

With some restructuring at the club I train at, most crucially the closure of the BJJ/Wrestling program, I/we’ve been occupied trying to make a transition between venues.

So bare with me, as with our last session at Revolution coming this coming Friday our first session at the new club is the next day. (Less than 12 hours down time)

So although at the moment the blog is a little sparse, the opportunity at the new club will mean more coaching opportunities and thus more: blogs, videos and photos.

Do bare with me while I make this transition and you will definitely see an influx of material over the coming months.

Take care

Adam Adshead and all at Factory BJJ.




1. John (crimpo) Sherwood - February 23, 2008

Looking forward to the new gym starting, got a good feeling about it.

keep it foolish

2. Adam Adshead - February 23, 2008

Cheers Johnny Crimpo, I’ve got a good feeling too.

See you soon.

Adam Adshead

3. Albert Lim - February 25, 2008

Hey Adam,

All the best for the new gym!


4. Adam Adshead - February 25, 2008

Hey Bert,

Thanks for that, it’s really appreciated. 🙂

All the best,

Adam Adshead

5. Steve - February 28, 2008

Good luck! I love change and moving and all that. For me, it’s always a chance to start from scratch, taking (figuratively or literally) only what works and leaving the rest behind.


6. Adam Adshead - February 28, 2008

Thanks for the comment Steve. 🙂

I know what you’re saying about a change but it’s equally as scary as it is exciting. I guess that’s the beauty and risk of starting a new project or moving away etc.

No risk, no reward.

Adam Adshead – ConceptualBJJ.wordpress.com

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