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17. Off the mat pursuits #2 Commit to your training February 5, 2008

Posted by Adam Adshead in BJJ, Conceptual BJJ, Off the mat pursuits.
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I’m a great believer in Thomas Edison’s quote: Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

Not being the most talented or natural grappler, scholar, writer, chess player….(the list goes on) I’ve always had to substitute talent with hard work but it has always seen me right.

So the second instalment of off the mat pursuits isn’t work hard as that’s obvious, but be totally committed to your training.

There are different levels of commitment from part-time hobbyist to professional full time athlete but putting in the appropriate level of commitment is something which a lot of BJJ athletes fall short on.

On the face of things it might seem like I’m talking about training consistently and I am, but I’m also talking about what happens when you’re: ill, injured, late, not in the mood or not quite 100%.

The consistency that training regularly brings is that you build developmental momentum. Now there is a danger of over doing things and I don’t advocate that, especially if there is a chance of incurring greater injury or illness, but I think the grey area between physically training and staying at home not training isn’t as utilised as it should be.

Let me clarify something – if you’re highly infectious or bed ridden I don’t expect you to drag your sorry body down to get on the mat and infect everyone, but anything less than infectious and you can always go down and watch. The same goes for injuries, if you can’t train you should try and get down to your academy to watch, take notes and talk to your coach and training partners.

Watching training is a great off the mat pursuit. You get to watch what everyone is playing, see what choices and mistakes people are making and let people know what you’re seeing so they can improve.

Even if you’re not training, just hanging out, catching up with people and hurling abuse from the side, is always worth the journey.

I understand that life gets in the way of BJJ training sometimes but ask yourself: Are there times when you don’t train or at the least go to your academy, when you could or should?

If like me you need to substitute a certain level of talent with other things make that substitution with the appropriate commitment to your training.

Adam Adshead

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1. Christofer Hoff - February 6, 2008

Truer words have not been spoken…

You’ve seen my crappy little diary of a blog. My class updates are often annotated with the words [watched] in the title…because any time I’m injured or not feeling well, I go to class and watch.

I sometimes learn more by watching!

Great post, Adam.


2. Adam Adshead - February 7, 2008

Thanks Hoff 🙂

I’m glad you go and watch training as there are so many people who don’t ever use that grey area of training and it can be so useful to watch!

Good on ya Hoff! Welcome to the grey army! 🙂

3. supercrap - February 12, 2008

Yeah, actually I’m at home tonight when I could have dragged my butt to training. I did spend the whole weekend barfing though, so I can vaguely justify it to myself. But that’s not what it’s about is it?

I’ve never dragged myself to training and regretted it. Whenever I go, it’s worth it. It’s just really hard sometimes.

This has been a good reminder to me not to make excuses to myself! Thanks!

4. Adam Adshead - February 18, 2008

It is hard sometimes – life gets in the way or and you get ill, but limiting the down time you have from actually being at the gym, will definitely aid your develop in comparision to staying at home.

Thanks for the comment Matt, glad you found the article of use.

Adam Adshead

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