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8. In the spider web of facts, many a truth is strangled. October 20, 2007

Posted by Adam Adshead in BJJ, Chaos theory, Chess, Conceptual BJJ, Inspiration, Martial Arts, Thoughts.
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Spider web

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I was sat in the garden yesterday and I saw the most inspiring piece of natural engineering, a spider web.

It was fairly big but the astounding part was the mechanics of how it must have bridged this gap between my fence and the side of my house. I’m not the most technically minded person but I really struggle to envisage how a tiny spider could make such an effective trap over two distant points.

This got me thinking how it relates to BJJ and remarkably it does.

Everyone knows what a spider web looks like but what struck me about this web were all the little extra bits that the spider needed to construct to keep the web functional and effective – little off shoots and structures to keep everything together.

It’s these extra bits which really define whether the web survives or not and it’s the extra bits of your game which determine if you’ll survive something more deadly than wind and rain and that is change.

Whether on a world scene or just in your gym if the culture of the way people play or if people just massively progress, inevitably some are going to be left behind.

Take certain ancient mystical martial arts for instance. In there day, when you needed to kick somebody off a horse, they were great. This cause and effect mentality triggered that the effect of constantly being trampled by men on horses meant that people came up with ways of combating it.

Just like the spider might need to double up some of the foundations of its web because of heavy wind, the human condition to evolve and problem solve finds new ways of doing things.

If you look at Bonsai trees, gardeners will cut of branches to strengthen the trunk very much the same way that you should cut out the ineffective aspects of your game or stop relaying on what you do well to save your macho blushes.

So it really is the survival of the fittest. If you’re stubborn and are quite happy with a nice web or game then come the winds of change or crashing rain will your game hold up?

Take the Marcelo Garcia video on my Youtube inspiration page. He talks about setting up submissions when rolling and then instead of finishing them he lets them go and observes the different things people do. He then works counters and counters to these counters and over time became one of the greatest grapplers on the planet.

It’s this intelligent mindset which allows athletes like Marcelo to adapt and change during different circumstances. If on the other hand you like to bully new guys by flexing what little game you have, the time will come when you’ll struggle. Other people will evolve and you’ll be shown up for the fraud you are.

Concentrate on the intricate conceptual workings of your game; these are the key aspects which will allow your game to stand up over time. If on the other hand you prefer to show off shiny techniques that you’ve been doing for years, then prepare as the winter of discontent is upon you.

Adam Adshead


In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled – quote by Paul Elridge




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3. tikki - October 31, 2007

I love your analogies. Interestingly enough, spiders have a distinct pattern when they make their webs. Every spider actually makes their web in a certain web- a programmed instinct. Moreover, the math which enables the structure and security of the web is beautiful when you think about the size, mental capacity, and physical ability of a spider.

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