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6. Jaguar vs. Anaconda (No spoilers) October 16, 2007

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6. Jaguar vs. Anaconda

I stumbled across the clip below on Youtube whilst looking for another clip of an Anaconda constricting its prey. The reason for such a search was because my earliest conceptual idea for BJJ came whilst watching a wildlife show.

Now, the idea itself isn’t massively conceptual but I felt in a reminiscent mood, so tried to find it.

Anyway, I failed.

I’m sure you can imagine what it was like; well it inspired me to translate it into a BJJ. What it basically involves is squeezing the life out of someone with a body triangle from the back to open up the neck and go for the choke.

What you do is track the persons breathing and as they breathe in you tighten your grip of them with you arms, legs, chest position etc. This makes it increasingly harder for the person to breathe; you repeat the procedure until they get flustered and give you the choke.

Now this idea can be translated to opening someone up from a side control or to finish someone in a 90% position. The idea isn’t ground breaking but I thought I’d document it as looking back it was my first discovery of using something disconnected from grappling to influence it.

Well on to the video I did find.

Watch it first and then continue to read on.

Apart from the cheesy music there is a nice conceptual idea at the root of the video. The idea that the snake wants to keep/bring the fight into the water and the Jaguar wants the complete opposite, with the winner being the one who keeps the fight where they want it.

It’s kind of like the old UFC/MMA days with the whole Grappler vs. Striker battles.

In this case the Jaguar managed to keep the fight on land stopping the snake using its tools of surprise and superior ability in the water, so winning and killing the snake.

If on the other hand the snake had managed to keep the jaguar in the water I’m near certain that the result would have been the opposite.

The same can be said for BJJ. If you keep the fight in a position where you are strong and/or suits your style/body type, then you are much more likely to succeed.

On a basic level this might seem like a competition mentality or unintelligent way of avoiding working the weak parts of your game, well it isn’t, it’s actually a concept for intelligent training.

If you ask somebody in class what they’re working they might say ‘Passing guard’ but whenever you watch them rolling they’re always on their back or playing Anaconda back control. (As its obviously awesome)

When really what they should be doing is passing the guard exclusively to almost everything else. Yes, they can work a secondary objective, say sweeping, when on their back but they must think like the jaguar and always look at going back to passing the guard.

It really is a numbers game. If you during a roll you get to work your guard passing twice and then go on to have 5 rolls that night then you’ll have worked your passing game 10 times that night.

If you then train 3 times a week then you’ll have worked your game 30 times a week.

Whereas if you play like the Jaguar and keep coming back to you passing game you’ll increase the amount of times that you get to work it.

So say that increases to 5 times a roll; this means 25 times a session and 75 times a week!

The increased exposure can only be a good thing for your game and you will improve whatever you’re working at an increased rate.

It makes sense really. It just is an intelligent way of training and for those of you who might only train BJJ once a week or less, need to train as intelligent as possible to maximise the rewards. It doesn’t stop with training either, this idea can be used in your everyday life too to get you to where you want to be in your career.

Try it out for a week and see how much you can get done by engaging this way. If you stick to it, I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the improvements you can make in such a short space of time.

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1. Kids' Corner Miami, Fl. - May 7, 2008

Me and the students i teach we just watched the video about the jaguar and the anaconda and they think it was good because of the baby jaguar, and the anaconda. It was very informative.
Thanks for the great job…!

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